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30-day money back guarantee. There is a 30-day free trial version available. Please evaluate it well.

You would be provided with the full version by download over the internet immediately after purchase is complete. We would send you the activation code by email as soon as we receive your serial number. Each installation of the software would provide you with a unique serial number. Your existing database would not be wiped out. You can pay for the software with a credit card, paypal, e-check etc. There are no hidden charges. No monthly fees.

The only legal way to acquire Boachsoft Landlord is from this website. However, all activation codes are provided by Boachsoft.

Boachsoft only sells the binary version (that is the installable software). However Boachsoft would never sell the source code or key generator of any of our products. Report any attempt to sell the source code of any of our products to your local law enforcement agency and to us

Your payment would be processed by BMT Micro .

Boachsoft LandLord 2008 Pro Unlimited tenants and units
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